Month: February 2018

The 22 Best Giant Robots From Movies, TV, And Video Games

22. GoBots There’s no way around it: GoBots are subpar versions of Transformers. What’s strange, though, is that GoBots technically came first. The first GoBots toys were in stores in 1983, a year before Transformers. The GoBots movie even beat the Transformers movie to theaters. (Image: Hanna-Barbera) 21. Mechani-Kong The 1968 film King Kong Escapes

Bridge Constructor Portal Review

Bridge Constructor Portal leans heavily upon its iconic forebears. GlaDOS, an uncaring-though-humorous AI, greets you at the beginning of many levels, setting the stage for the plentiful puzzles that lay before you. It sounds like the setup for another delicious brain-teaser that will tickle your funny bone while pushing your logic muscles. But neither the