The 22 Best Giant Robots From Movies, TV, And Video Games

22. GoBots

There’s no way around it: GoBots are subpar versions of Transformers. What’s strange, though, is that GoBots technically came first. The first GoBots toys were in stores in 1983, a year before Transformers. The GoBots movie even beat the Transformers movie to theaters.

(Image: Hanna-Barbera)

21. Mechani-Kong

The 1968 film King Kong Escapes pits the titular ape against his robotic duplicate. It’s a fight every monster movie fan should see. Unfortunately, Mechani-Kong wouldn’t leave the same impression as Mechagodzilla did a few years later.

(Image: Universal Studios)

20. Robo Jason Sudeikis

It’s unclear exactly what this robot’s name is, but the bot controlled by Jason Sudeikis in Colossal is both terrifying and fascinating. It’s impressive to have such great character design in a movie where monsters play second fiddle to a character story happening elsewhere.

(Image: Neon)

19. Jet Jaguar

The humongous Jet Jaguar was Godzilla’s robot sidekick in the 1973 film Godzilla vs. Megalon. The robot can more than hold its own, though.

(Image: Toho)

18. Giant robots from Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

These huge mech warriors may not have a name, but thanks to the unique visual style of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, they’re unforgettable.

(Image: Paramount)

17. Sentinels (The Matrix)

Sentinels are one of the worst things about life in the world of The Matrix, as they hunt down those who have unplugged. It’s impressive how quickly they’re able to tear apart a hovercraft.

(Image: Warner Bros.)

16. Hulkbuster

This massive battle mech is more or less the only thing that can take on the Incredible Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And it does so with classic Iron Man style.

15. Mega Maid

Mega Maid from Spaceballs isn’t the most dangerous giant robot, nor is it the most intimidating. But how can it be left out of a discussion about cool giant robots?

(Image: MGM)

14. Omnidroids

These battle robots specifically target superheroes, which makes them pretty dangerous in The Incredibles. Still, scary as they are, they also look really cool. Here’s hoping they appear in Incredibles 2.

(Image: Pixar)

13. K-2SO

K-2SO (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) may not be as giant as most robots on this list, but at over seven feet tall, he towers over most humans. While BB-8 has gotten the most attention from the new Star Wars films, K-2’s dry personality makes him the most entertaining robot. Plus, he knows how to fight.

(Image: Lucasfilm)

12. Gundams

The classic anime series Mobile Suit Gundam is loaded with giant bots, and it’s damn near impossible to pick just one. These metal warriors are loaded with weapons and they look super sleek.

(Image: Nippon Sunrise)

11. Humongous

You can’t enter the Goblin City without crossing paths with Humongous. This huge steampunk robot is exactly the kind of mechanical guard you’d expect from the mind of Jim Henson. It’s equal parts exciting and scary, just like the rest of Labyrinth.

(Image: TriStar)

10. Atom

This robot is a huge metal boxer piloted by Hugh Jackman. That fact alone is enough to land it a space on the list, but then, all of the robots in Real Steel are impressive.

The movie takes the idea of Battle Bots to an entirely new level.

(Image: Disney)

9. Titans

Like many robots on this list, the namesakes of Titanfall are complicated exoskeletons piloted by humans. Unarmed versions are used for construction and other peaceful roles. Armed versions, meanwhile, have the firepower of a tank.

(Image: Microsoft)

8. Jaegers

The Jaegers in Pacific Rim are wildly effective at protecting the planet from giant monsters. They may require two pilots, but their weaponry and maneuverability are second-to-none.

(Image: Warner Bros.)

7. Evas

The Evangelion units of Neon Genesis Evangelion are robots, though they do contain organic parts and have angel blood running through them. They’re programmed to protect the world and are psychically controlled by orphans.

(Image: Adult Swim)

6. Megazord

The first Power Rangers Megazord is still its best. It combines five mechanical dinosaurs into one humongous fighter — not unlike Voltron — to deal with any evil that threatened Earth.

It set the template for all the zords to come, whether it was Dragonzord, Ninja Megazord, or even the Tigerzord.

(Image: Saban)

5. Sentinels

These mutant-hunting scourges of the X-Men universe are pretty scary. It’s hard not to be intimidated by their size.

(Image: 20th Century Fox)

4. Mechagodzilla

If anything is scarier than Godzilla, it’s surely a metal version of the giant lizard. Mechagodzilla shoots missiles from its fingertips, energy beams from its eyes, and can create a forcefield.

Take that, Godzilla.

(Image: Toho)

3. Voltron

Most ’80s children grew up worshipping at the altar of Voltron: Five massive robot tigers that connect to each other to create an even more powerful giant robot warrior. It’s the stuff of dreams.

Thankfully, Voltron is alive and well thanks to a new Netflix series.

(Image: Netflix)

2. Transformers

These robots that turn into cars are pop culture icons, but more than that, they’re cool. It’s hard to single out a single Transformer as our favorite, but how can you not love Optimus Prime swinging a giant alien sword while riding on the back of a robot dinosaur?

(Image: Paramount)

1. Iron Giant

He’s the quintessential giant robot that’s also your best friend. The Iron Giant is indestructible, can fly, is loaded with weaponry, and is voiced by Vin Diesel.

(Image: Warner Bros.)

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