Comic-Con 2018 Trailer: Fantastic Beasts: Crimes Of Grindelwald Introduces Nicolas Flamel

DC movies weren’t the only thing Warner Bros. showed off during its massive Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2018. The studio also brought the latest Harry Potter universe film, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, and showed off some brand new footage with the cast in attendance to answer fans’ burning questions.

The new Fantastic Beasts 2 trailer began with a welcome look at Jude Law’s young Dumbledore walking the halls of Hogwarts, and teaching a young Newt Scamander in Defense Against the Dark Arts class. Newt reveals that his biggest fear is “having to work in an office.”

Johnny Depp’s Grindelwald was a big focus, advocating in the trailer for wizards coming out of the shadows. On a foggy bridge, Dumbledore tells Newt that he can’t go after Grindelwald himself–it has to be Newt. The special effects look amazing, from Newt’s furry, dangerous creatures to a glimpse at a showdown between Newt and Grindelwald. “Mr. Scamander, do you think Dumbledore will mourn for you?” Grindelwald asks.

The trailer ended with a surprising meeting with Nicolas Flamel, a famous alchemist central to the backstory of the Harry Potter books. Thankfully, Warner Bros. released the trailer online shortly after it debuted at the panel, so you can see it for yourself above.

As a final surprise, Johnny Depp appeared onstage in full Grindelwald costume and character, delivering a speech about the inferior “No-maj” people.

At the panel’s start, a larger-than-life video of Newt Scamander welcomed attendees to Paris, the movie’s setting, from the inside of his carrying case. As his giant face uttered the spell “Lumos,” the bracelets given to attendees as they entered lit up with the Deathly Hallows logo. Eddie Redmayne took the stage shortly afterward to thunderous applause. The rest of the cast joined him onstage shortly afterward.

“There’s an awful lot at stake. It’s very much a ‘Whose side are you on?’ story,” Jude Law said during the panel. He said the wizarding world and the human world will be pitched against each other, but wizards will fight wizards as well–and that Fantastic Beasts 2 will go to darker places than we’ve seen in the Harry Potter universe before.

Later in the panel, asked what she would do with her own magic powers, actress Zoë Kravitz quickly answered she’d “impeach Trump,” eliciting laughter and cheers from Hall H’s enormous crowd. Prompted by moderator Aisha Tyler, actor Dan Fogler even created the spell on the spot: “Impeachious Maximus,” he invented, after ruminating on it for a moment.

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