SDCC: Best Cosplay From Comic-Con 2018 — Power Rangers, Pokemon, Street Fighter, More (Day 3)

San Diego Comic-Con 2018‘s third day saw the news just keep on rolling in, with trailers debuting for Aquaman, Shazam, and Godzilla: King of Monsters. But the event is about more than just big reveals; in fact, one of the best parts of the show is seeing the passion fans have for movies, comics, TV, games, and more. Walking the halls of Comic-Con, this passion is most obviously manifested in cosplay, and it’s hard not to stop and marvel at some of the fantastic costumes that people put together to show their love.

We’ve been snapping pictures of our favourite costumes every day of Comic-Con so far, and have seen characters from Iron Man, Game of Thrones, Moana, Mega Man, and Batman, among others. And Saturday has been no different, with each of those franchises and more strongly represented once again, along with Silver Surfer, Pokemon, Static Shock, and Lord Zedd.

For those looking to catch-up on some of the news, we’ve put together a list of our Comic-Con coverage highlights below for a quick and easy way to get up to speed. Big news includes a brand-new trailer for Preacher Season 3, which sounds like it’s going to get even more gruesome and stomach-churning in the remaining episodes.

Cloak and Dagger fans can also look forward to seeing more of Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson, as the superhero duo will return for a second season. With just two episodes left in the current season, the future was unclear for the series, but at the Cloak and Dagger panel during Comic-Con, Marvel TV boss Jeph Loeb confirmed that Season 2 will start production in the fall, which means it should hit screens in 2019.

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San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Coverage

Ash Ketchum & Jessie


Cosplay by @emjaeadamson


Cosplay by @android_cosplay

Diner D.Va

Silver Surfer & Sue Storm

Iron Man




Cosplay by @princesshelicopter

Sylens & Aloy

Cosplay by @dynamic_dyad


Cosplay by @igotthebloodlust


Sakura & Blanka-chan

Poison Ivy & Batman

Austin Powers Fembots


Battle Belchers

Cosplay by @acupcosplay

Darth Maul & Death Trooper

Static Shock

Geralt of Rivia

Carl & Ellie

Lord Zedd

Cosplay by @nerd_alert_cosplay

Optimus Prime (Samurai)

Cosplay by @project_alien


In-N-Out Employee Greg

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