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1 hour ago
Why The Hell Is Kilauea's Eruption Now Making Blue Fire?

It's beautiful but it could have very dangerous consequences.

From explosively-generated ash plumes at Kilauea’s summit to the utterly spectacular lava fountaining taking places on its flanks via one of its dozens of

2 hours ago
Elon Musk Is Getting Destroyed On Twitter For This Bizarre Rant

Umm is Elon ok?

Hell hath no fury like a billionaire scorned. And Elon Musk has proved that in emphatic fashion with a Twitter tirade that would put a certain narcissistic

4 hours ago
PornHub’s Data Shows Something Rather Hilarious Happened On May 4th

ICYMI: This is amazing.

Holidays are becoming too commercial, it's true. However, it’s good to see that some traditions never change, such as people enjoying some festivity-relate

5 hours ago
A Discovery Made From Space Could Rewrite The History Of North America

The Vikings are known throughout history for their seafaring ways, having raided and traded their way to conquering wide areas of Scandinavia, Northern, an

6 hours ago
This Is What Earth Will Look Like In 100 Years – If We're Lucky

This is the best case scenario.

At this point, you're probably fully aware of how hot it is. But in case you're unaware: It's really, really hot. In fact, 2016 is likely to be the hottest

6 hours ago
NASA Just Completely Shut Down Climate Change Deniers On Facebook


Comment sections are always fun places, especially when impassioned issues are involved. But usually, the back and forths of keyboard bashing quickly

13 hours ago
Scientists Accidentally Discover Tea Leaf Nanoparticles Kill Lung Cancer Cells

Just one more reason why tea is better than coffee.

Scientists from India and Swansea University in the UK have recently discovered that nanoparticles derived from tea leaves can inhibit and destroy lung can

14 hours ago
NASA's Juno Spacecraft Just Took A Very Unusual Image Of Jupiter's Great Red Spot

You’ve probably never seen it like this before.

Jupiter is home to some pretty amazing scenery, and perhaps none is as impressive as the Great Red Spot (GRB). Over the years we’ve seen a number of glorio

15 hours ago
Robots Are Growing Mini Human Organs From Stem Cells

Welcome to the real Westworld.

Welcome to the real Westworld. Scientists have designed an automated system that uses robots to create human mini-organs using stem cells. But don't worry

16 hours ago
Watch This Amazing Time-Lapse Of The Glow From Hawaii's Volcanic Eruption

No, that's not the ocean washing up on the sand, but the glow of the eruption through the clouds.

Hawaii is currently having a pretty tough time with a volcano – and the event has been captured in a rather impressive video. The Gemini North telescope in

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