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3 weeks ago
This Is When You're Most Likely To Be Cheated On, According To A New Study

According to this study, there's one particular time in a relationship where it's most common.

Let’s face it, no matter how long you’re in a relationship for the honeymoon period just won’t last forever. In fact, getting past this stage helps test th

3 weeks ago
Ancient American Mystery Solved Thanks To New Evidence

Scientific innovation has solved a problem that's puzzled archaeologists for years.

The Clovis people might not be the first Americans per se but they do appear to be the first widespread prehistoric culture to populate the US. We know tha

3 weeks ago
Even In Another Galaxy, Einstein Is Still Correct

Half a billion lightyears away, Einstein still reigns supreme.

When it comes to understanding gravity and the universe, the equations we use are the ones set out by Einstein over a century ago. General relativity is th

3 weeks ago
Oldest Human Fossils In Western Europe Revealed To Date Back A Million Years

Long before we set foot on the continent – and beating Neanderthals to it by hundreds of thousands of years – other species of ancient humans once stalked

3 weeks ago
Depression Could Be Having A Terrible Effect On Your Brain, Large Study Finds

There is even more of an incentive to take mental health seriously.

In the past, studies have linked depression and anxiety to an increased risk of dementia later in life. Now, a comprehensive assessment of more than 30 stu

3 weeks ago
This Single Cell Can Regrow An Entire Animal

Could it hold the key to regrowing lost limbs?

It sounds like something from science fiction, but if you cut a planaria flatworm into lots of little pieces, each piece will start to grow into an entirel

3 weeks ago
There Is Now An AI That Can Make Its Own Memes

When it comes to artificial intelligence, some people are worried that they might attack us or take our jobs. However, it turns out that they might also su

3 weeks ago
What Exactly Is Consciousness? These Scientists Think They Might Have An Answer

It's one of the most mysterious questions about ourselves - and we might finally have an answer.

Our brains are amazing objects. The most complex thing in the known universe, there is still so much we don’t know about what is going on inside our skull,

3 weeks ago
Missing Matter In The Universe Finally Found

It was not down the back of the couch.

When you look for something in the place it should be but find nothing, it can be frustrating to continue the search, and we're not just talking about your

3 weeks ago
Suicide Rates Are Going Up, And The Reason Is Heartbreaking

The fall in life expectancy is almost unprecedented.

The mental health of poorer Americans has declined over the last 20 years, and despair is rising. Meanwhile, those in the middle economically have experien

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